Variation of Blackjack Online

Variation of Blackjack Online

Did you just think you have Blackjack all figured out? You now know how to count cards and use basic strategy to play your favorite game and suddenly you find that things are not so simple. The market is flooded with different variations of this exciting casino game. Look around and you will find plenty of blackjack variations like extreme 21, pontoon, Spanish 21 and so on. Certain top online casinos offer players at least 40 different variations. Here are a few popular variations of blackjack online you must know about.

Face-Up 21

Face-Up 21 is played with rules similar to the standard blackjack, the only difference being that all the dealer’s cards are played face up as compared to standard version where one card is dealt face down. Instead of three to two traditional pay outs, even money is paid by the blackjacks in this version. Dealer wins all the tie hands. In spite of these obvious drawbacks, this version of the game makes it easy for players to beat the dealer.

Triple 7′s

This is a variation of blackjack where apart from playing all the normal strategies associated with traditional blackjack you can also take a shot at progressive jackpot by betting on any 7′s you may be dealt with. With over 30% house edge on the side bet, this is an interesting variation where initial cards of the dealer are dealt face up without a hole card.

This variation of the game does not allow you to double after splitting. You can only double on 9, 10 or 11. The most significant variation in this version of the game as compared to traditional blackjack is that apart from the regular 3:2 pay out, you also get bonuses if you have 7′s in your hand.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

Players enjoy playing this popular blackjack version that has very minimal differences with the traditional version. You can play Vegas Strip blackjack with six or four decks of cards. The deck you choose depends on the venue. Except split Aces, players can choose any split to double down. The dealer stands on 17 and players can re-split after splitting again except on splitting Aces.

Perfect Pairs

Apart from all the rules in Vegas Strip blackjack, this variation has an additional feature where players can place side bets as an option if they think that the dealer or player may have a pair.

There is a 30 to one pay out for perfect pairs which could be two cards of the same suit or rank. Pairs of the same color and rank or colored pairs carry a 10 to one payout and players will get a 5 to one payout for any other pair.

There are plenty of other blackjack variations out there that make your gaming experience exceptional. Winner Casino is powered by Playtech software and they offer some of the largest variations of blackjack an online casino can offer.